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What Are The Most Common Septic Tank Issues?

What Are The Most Common Septic Tank Issues?

Septic tanks are reliable and require minimal maintenance, but there are some common issues that can arise with them. One Way Septic Service in Georgia wants residential and commercial customers to understand these issues and how to avoid them.

Root Intrusion

Planting trees or other plants near your septic tank is highly unrecommended due to the possibility of the roots entering the tank. If the roots penetrate the septic tank, then this could cause system leaks. To check for leaks, look for liquid sewage on the grass or unpleasant odors. These are signs that a septic tank repair is required.

Non-Biodegradable Materials

Non-biodegradable materials, such as feminine products and paper towels, can’t be broken down in the septic tank, resulting in spills and leaks due to the tank filling up faster. This would require emergency septic tank maintenance as it could lead to further damage.


Clogs can cause slow draining in sinks and showers. This can take water a long time to drain fully, and in worse cases, water may back up, leaving dirty water in the showers and sinks. If this should occur, be sure to call septic tank services immediately and use your system properly by flushing only biodegradable products.

Tank Overflow

This occurs when too much water is put into the tank, and the tank cannot handle the extra load. Typically this is caused by overuse of water, such as running the dishwasher and washing machine at the same time. Septic tank maintenance will be required to remove the overflow.


One Way Septic Service has the best septic tank treatment for people living in Georgia. We never know when septic tank issues may occur, but it’s important to understand common issues to try and avoid them ourselves. If you see issues with your septic system, call us today, and we will assist you!