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What Is a Baffle Tee?

The septic tank baffle tee (also known as a baffle) is a device located at either the inlet or outlet of your septic tank. Their purpose is to prevent sewage from flowing into the pipes. There are two septic tank baffles, inlet baffles and outlet baffles, named simply because of their location in your septic tank. The goal of both is to simply route the waste water throughout your septic tank, while separating the solids from the wastewater.

The inlet baffle is located between your septic tank and the main sewer line of your home. It’s purpose is to help wastewater flow efficiently into your tank without disrupting the scum layer. Instead of flowing directly across the septic tank, it guides water via a longer path, giving it more time to separate the solids from the wastewater.

The outlet baffle is incredibly important, as its purpose is to keep solids from exiting your septic tank and reaching the leach field. If this were to happen, they could damage or even completely ruin your leach field system, which is a costly thing to replace.

Because of the nature of work that baffles provide for your septic system, over time they become worn down and eventually degrade. Being aware of this is essential, as their inefficiency or complete lack of functionality can cause serious and costly damage to your septic tank. If your system is ready for a baffle tee replacement, contact your friends at One Way Septic for a free estimate to get started, and keep reading to learn more about this important septic system component.

Signs Your Baffle Tee Needs to Be Replaced

Clearly baffles are an important part of your home’s septic system, and there’s a handful of ways that you can tell that they may be in need of replacement.

  • Baffle visibly appears to damaged

  • Baffle isn’t performing at maximum capacity

  • A sewage backup in your home or building

  • You notice foul, sewage-like odors on your property

  • You notice sewage puddles on your property

Of course, if you’re unsure whether or not your baffle tee needs to be replaced, give us a call and we can schedule an inspection!

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When Should I Replace My Baffle Tee?

As they can vary from tank to tank, the reasoning for when one should replace theirs also varies. The most common answer is simple — if the baffle is damaged or slowly deteriorating, then it’s probably a good time to replace it. Ultimately that deterioration is going to be what prevents it from doing what it needs to do.

If you’ve noticed deterioration but haven’t noticed a decrease in overall performance, it’s still wise to replace your baffles, as it will eventually start to give out. Preventative maintenance is always the smartest course of action, so as to ensure that you won’t encounter larger issues in the future.

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