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Did you know septic tank pumping is one of the single most important things you can do to ensure the health and longevity of your septic tank? Here at One Way Septic, we specialize in all things septic and sewer to help maintain your tank’s optimal function and efficiency for years to come.

As a local, family-owned-and-operated septic company in Georgia, we’re invested in helping our friends and neighbors in Acworth, Stone Mountain, Lawrenceville, Snellville, Douglasville, and beyond enjoy safer, healthier properties that have superior functioning septic systems. Don’t wait for your septic tank to backup or overflow — give us a call, or fill out the form below to request a free quote or emergency septic service.

Signs It’s Time for a Septic Pumping Service

It’s important to note that you may find signs of septic system failure both inside and outside of the home or business. Here are some of the most common indicators to be aware of:

  • It’s been 3-5 years since your last septic tank cleaning.

  • You smell a foul odor emanating from your lawn.

  • You’ve spotted soggy, wet patches of grass or standing pools of water.

  • You smell an unpleasant odor coming from your drains and sinks.

  • Your sinks drain slowly, and your toilet is slow to flush.

  • Certain areas of your grass look greener than others — particularly near your septic tank.

  • Worst case scenario — raw sewage and septic waste is seeping from your drains.

Why Partner With One Way Septic?

Protect Your Property With Quality Septic Services

If there’s one thing you never want to deal with, it’s an overflowing septic tank. When you think of all the years your septic system has been working to safely contain waste, it can be quite horrific to think about what happens when that system isn’t maintained with routine cleanings and maintenance services. That’s why One Way Septic is here to help ensure your tank continues functioning as it should. From pumping to repair and maintenance services, we offer the best pumping and cleaning solutions for your septic system so you can enjoy confidence and peace of mind.

How to Prevent a Septic Tank Backup

Your septic tank is buried underground in a location on your property and is connected to your plumbing system to facilitate the flow and containment of wastewater from:

  • Sinks

  • Garbage disposals

  • Toilets

  • Bathtubs and showers

  • Dishwashers

  • Washing machines

A healthy, highly functional septic tank should be an air-tight container that is typically made of a strong and durable material such as concrete or fiberglass.

Our Service Areas

As a top-rated, highly recommended and trusted, experienced septic company in Acworth, GA we are proud to partner with homeowners, business owners, property owners, and more all throughout Georgia. Our service area includes:

If you don’t see your area on our list above, give us a call and find out how we can assist you!

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