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4 Services That We Offer Our Customers in Kennesaw

4 Services That We Offer Our Customers in Kennesaw

One Way Septic offers efficient and professional plumbing services all across Texas, including Kennesaw.

24/7 Service

Issues with your sewage lines or septic tank don’t pick convenient times to malfunction and negatively impact your sewer system. At One Way Septic, we provide 24/7 services and can help fix your sewage issue whether it is night or day

Sewage Backup

When your sewage line is clogged or your septic tank is full, it can lead to waste that was drained flush back up and contaminate your home. It can cause a mess that feels borderline impossible to clean. But it can also be a health hazard for you and any pets that you may have. Contact a professional right away.

Sewer Line Repair

If you know anything about plumbing, you know that sewer lines are the most important part of your entire system. One Way Septic has years of experience repairing these lines and ensuring that your sewage lines and septic tank are running at peak efficiency

Regular Maintenance

There doesn’t have to be a major issue for you to get in touch with our professional team in Kennesaw. Everyone should have their sewage system and septic tank inspected every couple of years or so. This will help detect potential problems early and make them easier to repair before they become expensive and damaging issues down the road.


Septic and sewer problems in your home are not something that you should take lightly. One Way Septic is here to ensure that citizens of Kennesaw and other areas of Texas have access to premier sewer systems and septic tank treatments from a team that knows their stuff. Contact our team for an estimate today!