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4 Things to Look For in Your Dallas Septic & Sewer Service

4 Things to Look For in Your Dallas Septic & Sewer Service

If you are having issues with your home’s sewage system and septic tank in Dallas, you need to act quickly. If these issues aren’t addressed they have the potential to lead to messy situations and expensive repairs. You’ll need to find a reliable and qualified company — but how can you tell if you are hiring the right business? Learn more about what to look for in a septic and sewage system below from the team at One Way Septic in Georgia and contact us to schedule an appointment today!

A Variety of Services

There are some septic pumping companies in Dallas that do quality work but only offer a couple of specific service options. A lot of different things can go wrong with a sewage system, so you should find a business that provides the whole spectrum of services so that they can definitely get the job done.

Customer Reviews

A company can say whatever they want about the quality of its service on its website. However, that doesn’t mean that it is all true. It is a good idea to do your due diligence and research customer reviews. There you can get honest opinions on their past work.

Emergency Service

When your septic system is experiencing issues, things can escalate quickly and cause significant damage to your property. You need someone in Dallas who can be on-site and fix the problem quickly. Make sure that the service that you choose to work with is available 24/7 in case you require rapid services.


As with any professional service that you hire for a job, experience is always a good indicator that the team knows what they are doing. This isn’t to say that newly-formed companies can’t do a phenomenal job. But, most people would rather hire a business that has been active in the industry for years.


Don’t settle for anything less than the best when you need maintenance or repairs for your sewer system or tank in Dallas, Texas. One Way Septic will show you why we are the go-to septic pumping service in Georgia. Reach out to us for information and to schedule an appointment now!