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Products to Avoid That Harm Your Septic Tank

Products to Avoid That Harm Your Septic Tank

A high-quality septic tank can handle a lot. But, even the best system has its limitations. Some products can do damage to your septic tank and lead to costly repairs or the need for a complete replacement. Learn more below about products that you should consider throwing in the trash instead of flushing them or letting them go down the drain. Trust the experienced and qualified team at One Way Septic and schedule your next appointment with our technicians today!


You may think that it is okay to flush medication or pour them down the drain — after all, pills are small, so what is the harm? Different medicines can throw off the bacterial balance of your septic tank and lead to system failure. Not every medication poses a risk to your septic setup, but it is better to not take the risk. Many doctors and pharmacies have programs that take unused medicine and dispose of safely.

Oils, Greases, and Fats

Oils, greases, and fats are among the most common reasons that you might end up facing problems with your septic tank. Once these cool down, they quickly solidify and stick to your pipes. Like a clogged artery, they will compile food and other substances that you run through the system and eventually cause it to back up or clog. If they manage to make it into the septic tank, they float there and cause it to fill quicker than it normally would.

Strong Chemicals

The whole idea of a septic tank is that it directs and stores the waste that comes from your home so that you don’t have to deal with foul odors and other unfortunate problems with your drains and toilet. It contains bacteria that are helpful in the process of breaking down waste and ensuring that your system continues to run efficiently. Chemicals like bleach, poison for pests like rats and bugs, and gasoline kill that bacteria, leaving you with an ineffective septic tank that requires service. They also have the potential to leak into the groundwater and make it unusable and harmful to people, animals, and any place where it is being used.

Cat Litter

It is logical to think that because human waste generally doesn’t cause problems for your septic tank the same would be true for cat waste. But, this is not the case. If your kitty does its business in a litter box, you should never flush it down the toilet. Many brands of cat litter are made out of clay. It absorbs liquid and then hardens quickly, making it ideal for a cat owner to easily scoop and throw away. But, when this happens in your sewage system, it won’t be long until the whole thing is clogged. Some brands of litter advertise themselves as “flushable,” but it is better to not take the risk. Toss it in the bin!


Septic systems are complicated. When something goes wrong with your septic tank, it causes frustration and potential backup in your home which is definitely not something that anyone wants to deal with. Practicing good habits like avoiding pouring these chemicals down the drain is a great idea if you want your septic system to function properly. If you’re experiencing septic and sewage issues in Georgia, make sure that you call someone that you can rely on. Contact One Way Septic now to schedule services.