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Septic tanks are wonderful inventions for homes and businesses in Acworth and the surrounding Georgia communities, including Atlanta, Decatur, and Duluth. These miniature sewer systems ensure the health and safety of you, your family, and your employees. However, septic tanks can malfunction and need repair, and when that happens, the team at One Way Septic can help. With more than 30 years of combined experience, we can ensure your septic tank problem is diagnosed and repaired quickly. Learn more below, and contact us for a free estimate today!

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Common Septic System Repairs

  • Emergency septic tank pumping. There are many reasons that cause an emergency septic tank pumping need. Usually, the sludge has risen faster than expected. Thai cna cause backups that then require a septic tank repair.
  • Broken drain field pipes. Either due to roots, overhead construction, or just old age, drain field pipes can break, which would require a professional septic tank repair.
  • Broken septic tank baffles. Septic tank baffles are component parts located inside the septic tank that help keep solid matter from exiting. Occasionally, these can rust and then they will need to be replaced by a professional septic tank repair company, such as One Way Septic.

Why Choose One Way Septic for Septic Pumping?

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Causes of Septic Tank Repairs

  • Tree roots
  • An overflowing septic tank
  • Lack of proper septic tank maintenance
  • Not having your septic tank pumped on a regular basis
  • Clogged plumbing pipes
  • Corrosion
  • Broken pipes

Signs You Need a Septic System Repair

There are various signs to be on the lookout for with regards to your septic system. If sewage backs up into your Atlanta home or office, oftentimes, you'll need a repair. If you smell sewage when you are outside or see water pooling around your septic tank, you'll need to call a professional septic service. Plus, if you notice a lot of green around your septic system, have your septic tank checked for issues.


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How to Prevent Septic Tank Repairs

Our team at One Way Septic is asked on a regular basis how to prevent septic tank repairs. First, watch what you flush. A septic tank is not a trash can, so don't flush anything beyond human waste and toilet paper down your toilets. Keep your water use down, so your septic tank has time to process the waste properly. And, be sure you keep up with your regular septic tank maintenance, cleanings, and pumpings.

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Water Usage Tips for a Healthy Septic System

The less water you, your family, or your employees use, the more efficient your septic system will be. This is because your septic system can only process so many gallons in a given day, so you don't want to overwhelm it. Here are some great water usage tips to avoid septic tank repairs:

  • Install high-efficiency toilets, faucets, and shower heads. High-efficiency toilets, faucets, and shower heads use less water and can save not only water, but also your septic system from being overworked.
  • Use the right load size for your washing machine. Most modern washing machines have controls, so you can select the load that matches your usage. Tell your washing machine which size load you are using, so it doesn't use more water than is necessary.
  • Spread out your water use. Try to even out your water use throughout the day. Don't run your laundry machine or dishwasher all day on the weekends. Give your septic system time to process your waste.


If you are in need of a septic system repair, don't hesitate to call. Our experienced team can quickly diagnose your septic tank's problem and offer a speedy repair.

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Don’t wait until your septic tank is backed up or overflowing; keep your system operating as it should with routine septic tank pumping services and maintenance to prevent costly property damage and hazardous health risks. If you need to schedule a routine cleaning, please request a free instant quote and our team will respond shortly. If you’re in need of immediate assistance, we’re always on call and available to assist you 24/7 with quick and reliable emergency septic services. Call us now at (404) 775-1164.

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