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Four Things Everyone Should Know About Septic Systems

Four Things Everyone Should Know About Septic Systems

Septic systems are an essential part of many homes, properties, and businesses in Kennesaw, Marietta, Woodstock, Canton, and Dallas, Georgia. While septic systems are designed to effectively treat and dispose of water waste, they require proper maintenance and understanding to ensure longevity and functionality.

One Way Septic Service has the expertise to offer you the right septic services for your property. Our preventative maintenance can prevent costly damage that could ruin your home or business. To help maintain a safer and healthier environment for you, your family, employees, and customers, call the best septic tank treatment company today! In this blog, we will highlight four things everyone should know about septic systems.

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Regular Pumping is Crucial

Many property owners believe that septic systems require little to no maintenance. However, regular septic tank pumping is a vital aspect of caring for this system. This is due to the fact that solid waste and sludge can accumulate in the tank, reducing its capacity and potentially causing blockages. Consider hiring a professional septic tank pumping service every three to five years depending on the tank’s size and usage.

Mindful Water Usage is Key

The water usage of your property has a significant impact on the functionality of a septic tank system. When there is excessive water usage it can overwhelm the system, which can lead to sewage backups or even premature failure. Be mindful of your water consumption and practice water-saving habits. These habits not only benefit your septic tank but also improves environmental sustainability. If you believe your system has become overwhelmed due to water usage, call and schedule our septic tank services today.

Proper Waste Disposal is Essential

Your septic tank is designed to handle specific types of waste. It’s important to be mindful of what can and cannot be flushed in your home or business. Non-biodegradable items such as plastic, feminine products, and paper towels should never be disposed of in the toilet. Being mindful of what goes down the drain ensures the system is properly functioning. Should you have clogs or suspect damage, our team can perform septic inspections and begin to resolve the problem.

Regular Inspections are Crucial

It’s important to identify potential issues with your septic system before they escalate into major problems. Regular septic inspections are crucial and can be performed by a professional septic tank service to assess the overall condition of the system. Our team can check for signs of leakage, structural damage, or any other potential issues.


As you begin thinking about the last time your septic system was checked, remember that your tank requires proper care and maintenance to function effectively. One Way Septic wants property owners in Kennesaw, Marietta, Woodstock, Canton, and Dallas to gain more knowledge of these guidelines to ensure the septic tank is working properly. Contact us today to begin the process of scheduling our septic tank services.